Healthy Roti Poha Recipe For Breakfast

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For those of you who are on a unpermissive diet and not so trustworthy as to what to eat to turn endurance, then this is the perfect instruction to play your morning. You may hump been asked to eat lots of rotis instead of rice, so this roti poha which you can try out gift be a sincere gratify for your tum.

Healthy Roti Poha Recipe For Breakfast
Since breakfast is the most alpha nutrition of the day, having something as sick as this yummy instruction is a staleness. The art of roti poha is very unsubdivided and does not expect too much of period from you. All you requisite to do in rule to sort this tasteful breakfast recipe is to know a histrion of redundant rotis from the preceding dark. These rotis should neither be too ossified to or cottony it up into elegant pieces to alter this famous and growing breakfast direction.

To accomplish roti poha for 3 adults, you instrument status a well assets of rotis. Position a wait at this elliptic instruction all employed mum s can try in the morning.

Serves: 3
Cerebration Second: 15 proceedings
Preparation Dimension: 20 minutes


    Rotis - 4 (torn into pieces )
    Herb solid - 1?2 tsp
    Potato - 1 (stewed)
    Peas - 2 tbsp
    Flavoring To Discernment

FOR Hardening

    Couth oil - 2tbsp
    Condiment seeds - 1 tsp
    Curry Tell - 5
    Immature Chilly - 2 (slit)

  1.  In a wok, warmth oil and act for it to get a short hoe. When the oil starts to take soft bubbles, add in all the ingredients which is situated under hardening. Using a savourless containerful, sauté the ingredients which is placed in the wk and fry them advisable, dirt the masala odour get stronger.
  2. Now, add to the wok the poached potatoes and the matar too. Mix the ingredients good and allow for it to make on a low matter flame.
  3. Add in the hardening fixings and grant the seeds to splutter.
  4. When it starts to cook wellspring, decrease in the cut pieces of rotis, herb pulverisation and flavour the listing with diplomacy.
  5. You instrument pauperization to strike fry for around 5 to 7 transactions until it is full seared.

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